Alia National School

School Wide Learner Profile

Elementary Department

Students behave in a respectful, conscientious, and resourceful manner at all times. They exhibit resilience and flexibility in their academic undertakings and demonstrate the following traits.
An ability to work independently by exhibiting the following behaviours

1. An ability to work independently by exhibiting the following behaviours:

  • A willingness to learn
  • Capacity to manage workload and prioritize tasks
  • Consistent adherence to deadlines
  • Aptitude to perform independent research
  • Prioritizes tasks and meets deadlines within the learner profile
An understanding of social expectation within the academic setting

2. An understanding of social expectation within the academic setting

  • Impeccable manners
  • Polite and courteous behaviour
  • Willingness to assist others
  • Exhibits exemplary social grace within the academic setting.

Middle School Department

learner profile

1. Actively pursues the development of new knowledge, understanding, and skills.

  • Takes responsibility for own learning and development
  • Develops a strong foundation in all core areas of academia
  • Shows ability to apply a variety of learning approaches in a way that optimizes acquisition and application of knowledge
  • Exhibits good grasp of global developments and world issues
  • Shows a palpable enthusiasm for personal learning and development
  • Demonstrates strong listening and communication skills
  • Uses visual, verbal, and written modes to communicate ideas in an effective and efficient fashion
  • Exhibits the ability to communicate in a second language
  • Proactively learns and applies diverse skills, embracing global perspectives within the learner profile.
Adopts a critical thinking approach to solving problems

2. Adopts a critical thinking approach to solving problems

  • Clearly identifies problems, develops appropriate hypotheses, and actively engages in problem-solving processes.
  • Develops creative ideas for solving problems.
  • Uses the data and information available to make decisions.
  • Encourages active participation and critical thinking within the team.
Effectively uses the technologies that are available

3. Effectively uses the technologies that are available

  • Employs the available tools and technologies in an effective way to achieve objectives and develop products
  • Uses technologies to acquire, evaluate, and process data and qualitative information
  • Demonstrates the ability to apply technical reasoning skills
  • Integrates innovation for enhanced collaboration and problem-solving skills within the learner profile
Interacts in an effective way with faculty members and peers

4. Interacts in an effective way with faculty members and peers

  • Works effectively as a member of a team.
  • Works collaboratively with people from a variety of different religious backgrounds, belief systems, and cultures
  • Shows strong initiative and perseveres in the face of adversity
  • Takes responsibility for his or her own development and behavior
  • Thrives in effective collaboration, engaging diverse backgrounds, taking initiative, and ownership in the learner profile.

High School Department

21st-Century Expectations

1. Able to Solve Problems and Create Value

  • Uses the ability to think creatively to generate solutions to any issues, challenges or needs encountered.
  • Adopts an innovative and entrepreneurial outlook that leads to the creation and delivery of value.
  • Collects, analyzes, and appraises ideas, data, and information
  • Applies creativity, embraces an entrepreneurial outlook, and creates value through innovation.
Embrace Diversity

2. Embrace Diversity

  • Shows an appreciation for one’s own culture and that of others.
  • Demonstrates an awareness of national and global issues and incidents and the impact they have.
  • Exhibits a willingness to listen to other people’s point of view.
  • Works collaboratively with others.
  • Can effectively communicate ideas for a range of purposes to different audiences.
Personally and Socially Responsible

3. Personally and Socially Responsible

  • Takes full responsibility for his or her own learning, decisions, behaviours, and the associated consequences.
  • Participates in both civic- and service-oriented initiatives.
  • Demonstrates accountability for personal and social responsibility through active participation in civic and service initiatives.
Positive Learning Environment School in Bahrain

4. Composed and Well Rounded

  • Recognizes the need to balance academic, personal, physical, and emotional aspects of life to achieve harmonious well-being.
  • Demonstrates the literacy skills required to function effectively in academic, professional, and personal life.
  • Engages in a range of curricular activities to ensure a holistic and rounded academic experience.
  • Effectively leads groups to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Reflects on one’s strengths-weaknesses and seeks feedback-guidance for improvement.
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