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Inspires Peak Performance

Alia National School is a leading exponent of innovative, inclusive, national education for students from Preschool to grade 12.

The school is founded upon a Mission of inclusion, challenge, and success for all students, developing international citizens and independent learners.

The school community is characterized by a shared commitment to this Mission. It drives all aspects of school life, including school admissions.

Everyone Included

Alia National School welcomes a balanced community of learners with a diverse range of cultural and educational backgrounds, talents, and abilities. The school admits students with exceptionally high ability, as well as a carefully managed number of students with diagnosed learning disabilities. The fact that we manage the student population in this way means that we may place students eligible for admission onto a waiting list or, where there appears to be no prospect of a place in the immediate future, decline an Application for Admission.

As a strong, welcoming, and inclusive community, we expect families to engage fully with the school, supporting both its educational philosophy and community activities. We also value transparent communications and constructive, respectful, personal, and professional interactions. On the rare occasions when the school believes that individuals are behaving in ways that do not correspond to these behaviors, we reserve the right to refuse admission or suggest withdrawal to the individuals concerned. Equally, failure to provide accurate information, or to disclose a known learning disability, may result in an admissions refusal or the subsequent removal of a place.

Alia National School has pioneered approaches to individualized student goal setting and sets high levels of challenge in order to sustain high levels of motivation and optimize student achievement. Based on the student’s academic experience and, where necessary, assessment tools, the school will determine grade placement and all other programme options in the best interest of the student.

Any student considered by the school to be capable of attempting the full IB Diploma will be encouraged and supported to do so. The decision as to whether a student is able to complete this course is made, in consultation with the family, at the end of grade 10 and will be based on academic achievement, language acquisition, demonstrated motivation, and learning support needs.

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Everyone Successful

The School, while inclusive, is intensive, rigorous and challenging. It requires high levels of motivation and perseverance from every student. This is particularly true in the higher grades and especially if a student is changing to English from a different language of instruction. Where a student’s record suggests that s/he may not have the disposition to be successful at Alia National School, the school reserves the right to refuse admission.

School Admissions Requirements

All Grades students seeking admission to Alia National School School will be evaluated and tested before they are admitted. Parents will be notified of the date, time and venue of the testing date.

After all of the necessary documents have been received by the school, the entry testing appointment will be scheduled once an available opening has been determined for immediate admission, or for entrance to the waiting list.

Enrollment Contract

Immunization Record Form

MOH Form

Annual Tuition Fees K-12

Sibling Discount Policy

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عقد التحاق الطالب بمدرسة عالية المعدل

The following admission requirements must be completed before a student may be officially enrolled at ANS:

The application form must be completed in full
  1. The health information form must be completed by a qualified physician and be on file with the Director
  2. Records from previous school(s) must be on file with ANS
  3. All appropriate fees must be paid in full
  4. Students take entrance evaluations.
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